Let’s rock!

Thomas Pendragon

So it took me two years to shut down my last blog after another prolonged period of inactivity, and then two more years to start a new one. Hopefully, I’ll be sharing more than once in four years.

However this time I would like to focus on the stuff that is really important to me, rather than some random ramblings. Therefore I would like to start 2019 blogging with a short note about my first live show.

Akademia Rocka Party II
Live show for Akademia Rocka's project "Graj Próby i Graj na Imprezie II".

Last year I’ve decided that I seriously want to take on music. I’ve started taking lessons, played with a few bands and started to compose and record songs. And last week one of these activities had a finale in a form of a live show at Akademia Rocka in Warszawa, PL.

I hope this is a good sign of great stuff to come in 2019!


Good luck!
That's awesome! Good luck with pursuing your passions - and with blogging :)

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