Using photographic and cinematographic techniques in games
Photography and cinematography both provide over a hundred years of insight on how to capture impactful moments. It would be a shame to disregard such knowledge when creating a game. Especially if you are an indie developer on a shoestring budget, you cannot ignore the opportu...


How to prepare for automated gameplay testing
Gamedev is not the first industry to struggle with fully fledged automatic testing. It is viewed as too difficult or even impossible and not worth the required effort. However, this is not necessarily true. Automated gameplay can be made easy, when incorporated into an existin...


Why (m)ruby should be your next scripting language?
Ruby, and its embedded variant mruby, are relatively unknown in the game development. However, Ruby offers a lot of improvements over traditionally used languages like Lua, making the development easier and allowing to use a single solution to almost any aspect of both primary...


Finding the meaning of life with AI algorithms
What makes us tick? Apparently the question is not so easy for both people and AI agents! The latter, however, can use some heavy numerical calculations in the search for the meaning of life. Let's dive into reactive planning algorithms using a prototype of an unrevealed econo...


How to marry two programming languages, create a game and not go insane?
Or: easy game prototyping with in-house tech.


Creating mobile applications for iPhone/iPad
Wprowadzenie do historii systemu iOS a także programowania w języku Objective-C.


Developing efficient C++ code with Data-Oriented Design
Prezentacja do prelekcji wygłoszonej podczas VIII Ogólnopolskiej Konferencji Inżynierii Gier Komputerowych IGK'8-2011 w Siedlcach. Artykuł opisuje wady programowania obiektowego - zarówno od strony projektowej, jak i ze względu na wydajność kodu. Porusza problem opóźnienia w d...


Using Explicit Multisample to improve quality of Deferred Shading
Talk about using real antialiasing in a deferred shading engine.


Creating graphical software on Linux
Koło Naukowe Informatyków zaprasza wszystkich na pierwszy otwarty wykład dotyczący programowania aplikacji graficznych w środowisku Linux — omówione zostaną takie zagadnienia, jak architektura systemu X, zarys działania Xlib oraz szybkie tworzenie programów z użyciem GTK+. Pre...