Gig report: Awesome concert at Hybrydy

Thomas Pendragon

So, the Sunday concert was a BLAST.

With every passing year, I feel stronger and stronger about pursuing important things in life. And just a few days ago, I did pursue such a thing. Waiting impatiently for my turn to play, with a big brass section ready to roll, then navigating through a maze of narrow corridors to enter the scene… (and hit every wall and ceiling with my bass on the way). Man, it was something.

And that was only the beginning! We’ve played “Polska” by Kult and since this is - well - a cult classic, everyone in the audience went crazy as soon as the bassline started. And even though our version wasn’t perfect (we did have just a single rehearsal after all), the energy was amazing.

BUT. Then it was time to rock even harder! This time in a more typical vocal/guitar/bass/drums setup. The toughest part was actually deciding on the setlist. Since I’m not a huge fan of ’80s rock (to put it mildly), I needed some convincing to play Summer of 69. In the end, I thought it would be cool to play bass and lead part on a synthesizer. We had some fun(k) with RHCP’s Can’t Stop and finished the set with Holiday by Green Day. BANG BANG. And even though singing and playing is not easy at all, I realized how much more important is to project your energy and emotions than “just” to play something perfectly.

It was a magic night.

Akademia Rocka DVD
Live show of Akademia Rocka's students that will be recorded and published as DVD.

Big thanks to:

  • Akademia Rocka - for organizing this event
  • Hybrydy Club - for hosting us and providing great sound,
  • Michał, Mirek and Filip - for rocking together, and also making me spend way too many nights with Bryan Adams,
  • Piotr - for being our coach and mentor,
  • Wojtek, Mariusz, Elwira, Staś, Kuba, Kasia, Michał and Kacper - for an opportunity
  • Agnieszka, Beata, Adam, Tomasz, and Michał - for being awesome groupies/technical guys (a.k.a. lifting).

Full description and pictures. Hopefully the official DVD version will be available soon.

See you at the next show!

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