Music school and some compositions

Thomas Pendragon

This August I’ve been accepted to a music school Multimedialna Szkoła Muzyki Rozrywkowej II Stopnia ART into a bass guitar program. Actually, I passed both bass and drums exams and had to choose one of them. I’ve decided on bass because over the years I’m starting to find it a very versatile instrument that combines melody, rhythm and harmony into one. Anyway I hope to meet and collaborate with many fellow musicians and learn a solid amount of music theory.

Lately I’ve been arranging and composing a lot, and feel that it’s the direction I want to go into. Here are two of my recent compositions:

boundLESS theme
Music created for game 'boundLESS' made during Slavic Game Jam 2019.
Op. 1
Composition exercise.

More are in the works.

Also, currently rehearsing with Brütal Jazzband for the October concert. Stay tuned!

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